Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 149

Sometimes, we miss small little details, even if we have been taking photos for years. But never fear....Photoshop is here!
Here are 2 photos. The first one is the before and the second is the after. Photo 1 is straight from my camera. Not a bad photo, if I do say so myself. But if you look closely, there is an imperfection. 

If you look closely at the back of this sweet girls skirt, you will see that it is not laying as flat as I would like to see it. Sometimes, as a photographer, we miss little things like this til we pull up the photo on a computer. Well, not all is lost. Photoshop can come to the rescue!!

I did not make any dramatic changes to the skirt but if you again look closely at the "after" photo, you will see that her skirt is laying better. I also added some softness to the background and her skin. Lastly, I sharpened the photo just a tiny bit. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 148

This is my beautiful daughter. She was concentrating on eating a doughnut.

Day 147

This went flying across the room after some members of my family got sick of trying to figure it out.

Day 146

I had to post this photo as a learning experience. It was completely by accident. I was taking yet another photo of my kitty when my son went running by. So if you want a photo of a still subject with moving object blur all around, this is how. hehe

Day 145

This is a photo of our family kitty. I am a cat person, so I love to take photos of him. In this photo he was laying in his favorite chair and I decided to try something fun. I laid on the floor under the chair and took this photo looking up at him. I love his big eyes and perky ears. So Cute!!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 144 Valentine's Mini Session

I used my daughter as a model to advertise this mini session. lol  Here are just a few examples of what you can do with this session.

Valentine's Mini Session

Starting Feb. 1st, I will be doing a Valentine's Mini session. This session includes the backdrop, props of your choice, photos edited and saved to a CD for your convenience. This session will run until Feb. 14th, so contact me asap on my website ( to set up an appointment. 

This is the backdrop

These are the props

Day 143

I wanted to use this day to show some examples of what kind of editing I do. Here is a few photos I took of my boys this morning. They were cleaning out from under their beds.

In this photo, I added some lighting, sharpening, and believe me their floor does not look this clean. Normally, I would clean up the area around them but I didn't have time in this situation. 

This photo, I also added some lighting, sharpening, and again cleaned up the floor. I should have cleaned his socks as well. hehe

This photo is straight from my camera. Dirty carpet and all. And they even vacuumed today. Geesh!

This photo is after editing. I added a creamy color to their skin, added blur to the background so they stand out and the mess blends in, and cleaned the carpet up.

These may not exactly be studio photos but I caught a special funny moment in my boys life and added some special touches to them.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Here It Is!!!!!!

Here it is. My next Mini Session. It is for Valentine's Day! It will start Feb. 1st and run through Feb. 14th. Your kids could hand out there own homemade cards for school. You could send out a card to your family and friends if you didn't get the chance to send out photos at Christmas. This could be your engagement photo.....very inexpensive...I might add. 
$10 for first pose
$5 for each additional
Photos will be edited placed on a CD for ease of making prints.

I have a backdrop and several props to choose from. 

 To set up your appointment please contact me at my website or my Facebook page . 

Contact me today, before all the time slots fill up. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

You are Special!

When you hurt yourself and need a doctor, would you rather fix it yourself or pay the doctor to make sure it is done right. Well, ok we don't enjoy paying the doctor or for that matter going to a doctor if we don't have to. My point is when you want your special event captured for your memory books, would you rather take the photos yourself or pay someone to do it right. I am not saying you have to be a pro to take photos, but when it is that special of all special days, you don't want it to be left to the amateurs. Photographers range from specialty to general. In other words, some specialize in weddings, seniors, or pets. Others just take photos of anybody at anytime in general.
Remembrance Photography by Terri specializes in natural light, outdoor photography for families. So, I take photos of your whole family, your kids, or maybe just you and your spouse in the beauty of the natural outdoor light. No big lamps or flashes, just the light God provides.

I also specialize in real life, natural looking photos. I try not to have my photos look too posed. 

I like to have fun!

I like to add some extra effects!

All in all, I look through my lens and capture what I would want to remember forever if I was you. 

So, contact me today to set up that appointment to capture your memories forever!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 143

I love taking photos of the sky. We have some of the most beautiful sunrises here in Az.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Head Shots

I have added Head Shots to the menu of services that I offer.

 This session includes:
  • 15 minutes of photo taking with backdrop color of your choice
  • Location: at my in-home studio
  • 3-5 photos edited and saved to a CD                                                               $75.00
  • Letter of release for photos 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 142

These are some photos I took at an aquarium we visited while on our holiday getaway. We got to see them feed the stingrays, which is why they are all clumped together in the one photo! 

Day 141

Our kids did this activity while we were on our holiday break. It turned out so cute. It didn't last long because they ate it by the end of the day. hehe

Day 140

This is our son getting ready to jump into the pool at our resort. 

Day 139

I took this photo out by the pool of our resort over the holidays. I thought it looked neat with the plane flying overhead.