Sunday, March 26, 2017

Another Amazing Spring Break!!!

God has been showing me how to live life moment by moment. Some moments are good and of course some are not so good. Like the start of our spring break vacation. My hubby and I are in the lobby of our resort checking in. We are ready for an amazing restful week. We are met in the lobby with a glass of
champagne to welcome us. Ahhhhh! Yes, this is the way to start letting the stresses of life melt away. This was an excellent moment.

The next moment our children meet us in the lobby. Our youngest holding the cup of pop from our last stop on the way. He is white as a ghost as he says, " Mom, I ruined my root beer by throwing up in my cup." Not a good moment. Our sweet start to relaxation came to an abrupt halt. Or at least it could have. But I chose to see it for what it was....just a bad moment. This was not an omen of what was to lie ahead for the week. I wouldn't let it. I began to pray, " Lord, please protect our family from this virus. Please don't let anyone else get sick."  And that was that. Our son rested the rest of the day and was ready to go on day 2. And thank the Lord, no one else got sick.

As I type this, we are driving the 7 hours back to reality. What does this moment hold for me?  This moment holds peace, joy, and awe at how blessed I am. In vacations past, I would feel a deep sadness that our trip was quickly ending.  I would think back over the week and fight back tears as we headed on the rode that led back to our home.
My life has not changed a whole lot since those times, but my perspective has. This time I savored every moment I could and prayed that our trip would not go by too fast. I also prayed we would all be ready when it was time to go back home. I can't say that everyone in my family is content with going back to real life but I know I am at peace with it. I am much more useful at helping my kids get back in the swing of things when I am not trying to hold myself together at the thought of going back to work and school and bills.  I lived in the moment as much as possible and each of those moments held so many sweet memories and love with my family. I am very thankful! I am bursting with love
and gratitude for my Father in heaven who made this and every moment with my family possible.
Savor each moment. Look, listen, sniff, and feel what this moment has in it. You will find beauty in even the moments that seem like they don't hold any.  You will find joy in the mundane moments that seem to be the auto pilot moments of life. You will see your Father in heaven smiling on you and blessing you with the desires of your heart. Stop! What is in your moment right now?