Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!!

I have come to love Thursdays. It is so fun looking back at the photos I took when I first started. So many memories!

Today's photo is of my now 13 year old daughter. I was trying to get something for a school photo and in this photo, I put a blanket that was made by my niece as the background. I never did use this photo, because I felt the blanket took away from her. Seems like so long ago, but yet not so long! Sigh!

Monday, July 28, 2014

I Need Your Opinion!!!!

I have been doing an appointment of the month for the past 2 months. I am offering an extra little surprise for the person who makes and appointment on that day. I am trying to decided whether to continue this tradition through the Fall or not. Please give me your opinion. 

Hawk Yelling Duck!!!!

I was trying to get a photo of this hawk. When I went to do some editing I noticed that I not only got the hawk, but I also got it calling out. It's mouth is open. Cool!

July Specials Only Last a Few More Days!!!!!

Only a couple days left in July! I still have some appointment spots available this week. Contact me today to get in on this month's specials. Here they are......With this months special, you will receive 1 8x10, 2 5x7s, and 8 wallets of the photo of your choice*. That is a savings of over $80. All of this plus, the standard 30 edited prints on a disk. You don't want to miss out on this!!!
* Client chooses one pose to be used for all prints.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!!!

Let's throw ourselves back into the past. Well, ok, throw myself back into the past.

I have to chuckle when I see this photo. It is one of the first photos I took as a photographer. I was sooo proud of it and many people complimented me on it. It looks great, right? Wrong!  This was before I knew about pixels and resolution. I was using a free editing program from the web that basically ruined my photo for printing in larger sizes. Thankfully, I have learned a lot since then. I now know about resolution and pixels, and use Adobe Photoshop for editing so my images can now be printed in very large sizes. Whew!!!
If you do any type of photography, do yourself a favor and learn a little about it. It will make a huge difference in the end. =)

Monday, July 21, 2014

10 Things a Photographer Should NOT Do!!!

  1. Put emphasis on camera and gear. It is the photographing that makes the photographer. Yes, the camera and gear can add to the photo but if you don't take good photos to begin with, a camera or filter isn't going to fix it for you.
  2. Leave your camera at home. I have a smaller camera I keep in my purse for those photo ops that may not come again.
  3. Photograph everyone and everything. You will become burnt out very quickly. Find 2 or 3 areas that you love to photograph and concentrate on them. Make them your specialty.
  4. Ignore blogging! Blogging can be a great source for possible clients to see your work and to learn about you as a photographer.
  5. Post photos without your brand on them. Photos get stolen all the time. Place your logo in a place that is not easy to Photoshop out or post at a size that will not show well if blown up.
  6. Think you don't need Photoshop skills. You do! Yes, first you need to start with great photography, but it is handy to know a few tricks to add a pop to your photos.
  7. Compare yourself to other photographers. You will always find someone better than you, or at least you think so. You are unique in your own photographing. People will look at your photos and say "I wish I could take photos like that". Compare your work to no one else's but your own.
  8. Take photos only when the special occasion arises. No! Take photos everyday if you can. It is hard to find objects or people sometimes, but you will definitely see yourself improve and learn.
  9. Go to a photo session or special occasion without extra SD cards or chargers. You don't want to be ready to take that shot you know is going to be the One and find you have no more room on you SD card or your battery dies. Ugh! Not a fun feeling!
  10. Think you know all that you need to know. Whether you doing photos for a business or for pleasure, there is always new techniques or tricks to learn. Spend some time everyday to learn a little about your camera, a new photo trick, a Photoshop technique, etc. The list is endless!!!
I am sure there are many more!!!! These are just a few! What would you add?

Remembrance Photography: July Specials!!!!

July special is a good one!!!! If you want prints, this month you got prints. With this months special, you will receive 1  8x10, 2  5x7s, and 8 wallets of the photo of your choice*. That is a savings of over $80. All of this plus, the standard 30 edited prints to a cd.  You don't want to miss out on this!!!

* Client chooses one pose to be used for all prints.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Here in Arizona we have monsoon season. I grew up in North Dakota so sometimes all summer was a monsoon. It was so strange to me that there was mainly 1 or 2 months that is rained. It can rain a lot and sometimes we can go through the season with very little. One thing I love about monsoon season is the beautiful photos of the sky. Here are just a few!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Throwback Thursdays!!!

Throwback Thursday: I took this photo of my niece's horse, Whisper, a few years ago. It is still one of my favorites.

Monday, July 14, 2014

$10 School Photos

I had thought about doing a Watermelon Fun Foto Session in August. I had even put out a poll on Facebook about it. But after some thinking, I got an idea that I think might be even better. See, I have 5 children so I know how expensive school photos can be. To top it off, the photos often turn out not that great. So, I thought I might make September's special about School photos. I want to know what you all think, so please let me know here or email me at .

An Adorable Family!!!

This family was so nice. My daughter came to help me out and they bought her a popsicle after the session. I hope to work with them again.