Monday, June 30, 2014

Charity for July!!!

Thank you for helping give to our local radio station, Radio Shine during the month of June. For July, we are giving to the Yavapai Food Bank. For every new "like" we get on our Facebook page we will give $1, as well as 10% of all paid sessions through the month. Please pass this on to your friends to help out!!! 

July Specials!!!!

July special is a good one!!!! If you want prints, this month you got prints. With this months special, you will receive 1  8x10, 2  5x7s, and 8 wallets of the photo of your choice*. That is a savings of over $80. All of this plus, the standard 30 edited prints to a cd.  You don't want to miss out on this!!!

* Client chooses one pose to be used for all prints.


We started this just last month. So for those who may not know here is how it works.....The first person to fill  the appointment of the month will get an extra gift. But that gift is a surprise, so you have to be the first to fill the spot. You will receive your gift at the end of your paid session! The appointment of the month is July 22nd at 11 am. 

July Photo News!!!!!

Remembrance Photo News for July!!!
June is gone! Summer is in full swing. We hope you have enjoyed yours so far.
June was busy for us and July is booking up fast as well, but there is still openings to get your photos done. Family, Seniors, Kids, Babies, Parties, you name it, we can be there to capture it for you.
We will be closed July 4th for Independence Day and July 15th through the July 19th for a family vacation. Please call us for appointment times before or after these dates. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wedding Photos

I think most of us bring a camera to a wedding even if we are not the photographer. The problem is, the photos always end up with heads of the people sitting in front of you in it. Yes, they are a part of the big day, but you don't necessarily want them in the photos. Well, I went to a friends wedding a couple weeks ago and I was not the photographer. I was happy to be a part of the many heads in the audience, so I could enjoy the day with them. But I still have to take photos........

I love to take photos of the set up before the Bride and Groom walk down the aisle. There are no heads and I can walk around and take photos without upsetting the photographer.

Notice, in this photo I accidentally had my focus on the background instead of the candles. But I think it adds some interest to the photo. 

This photo I didn't mind the audience in the photo. It tells the story of what is happening. Here the flower girl is walking down and everyone is watching her do her very important job for this big day.

Here is another photo of the flower girl. I took this one from my seat by zooming way in. I did have to crop out some heads. 

This little cutey just deserved to have her photo taken. 

And of course the Bride. There were so many more photos I wanted to take and did take, but these are just a few. 
Also, when I go to a wedding, I try not to bring my big camera and all its gadgets. I have a smaller one that fits in my purse and makes me appear a part of the crowd. Again, this is to keep the photographer on duty happy. It is always nice to ask permission to take photos if you want to get more photos of the reception and dance. You don't want to step on any toes. HeHe.....ok that was bad!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

County Fair!!!!!!

Well, ok, it wasn't exactly the county fair. We call is Prescott Valley Days. There is 3 or 4 days of activities all over our town. This was just one. I love the lights of the fair at night. It is so pretty.

I also love all the people that posed for my photos. hehe Of course, just kidding. But, seriously, the people add to the story of the photo.

The Ferris Wheel......every fair has one. This one was so beautiful!!!!

Friday the 13th Full Moon

I am not superstitious. Friday the 13th reminds me more of the scary movie than off the day when you need to be extra cautious because bad things happen. hehe   But I did take photos of the full moon that day.

 Unfortunately, I do not own a telephoto lens yet. 

So, I decided to get creative and take some shots of the moon peeking out from my rose bush.

This one is my favorite, because the moon looks like it is the rose bud.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Assignment: Low Light

 My assignment is low light! Hmmmm...what do I do besides the moon?

 Aha!!!! I will take photos of the yard lights I got for Mother's Day!

 I love these lights! They are the ones that are run on solar power. They go all night, changing colors. All sorts of different colors!

 I love how they turned out!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!

Remembrance Photography wants to wish all the Dads out there a very Happy Father's Day!!!! God bless you all!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tonight is the Full Moon!!!!

Today is not only Friday the 13th (I am not superstitious) but there is supposed to be a Full Moon like none that we have had in about 100 years. I am going to try to stay up and take some amazing photos of it. Anyone else gonna? The moon is so neat to photograph. Sometimes it is bright enough to not even need a tripod, but I would suggest having one anyway.  So, if you are going to photograph the moon tonight, I wish you luck and fun!!!!

Family Vacation!!!

I took photos for this neat family! They were in Sedona on vacation and wanted photo taken before heading home in a few days! I thought it was a neat idea. What a great way to capture a family vacation!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Remembrance Photography Gives to Local Charities!!!!

Remembrance Photography gives to a different charity each month. For the month of June, we will be giving to our local radio station Radio Shine. Radio Shine is a Christian radio station that can be heard here in Arizona and is supported by its listeners. You can help support Radio Shine by "liking" our Facebook page and asking your friends and family to "like" it as well. We will give $1 for every "like" we receive in June. You can also support by contacting us for your photo session needs or, again, by passing this on to your friends and family for their photo needs. We give 10% of all paid photo sessions to the charity of the month. Thank you to all of our past supporters!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Houseplant Killer

I don't do well with houseplants. I love them but no matter what I do, they just don't last. Anyone know what I mean? I grew up in North Dakota, so we had gardens every summer. I even married a farmer. But to my dismay I could only grow a few veggies. My corn was always dwarf sized. Now I live in Arizona and I have tried multiple times to grow a garden but with no success. I definitely don't have a green thumb. 

 There is a bright side to my plant growing deficiency. I can grow flowers. These photos are of the rose bushes in my yard. They have so many flowers on them it is breathtaking. I do nothing but water them. That's it!

 I am not sure how I do it but by the grace of God, because He knows how much I love flowers. The many different colors just amaze me.

Yes, I do kill a flower now and then, but for the most part I am a success with them.  How are you with plants? Do you have a green thumb? Or is your thumb just a normal color like mine? Lol

Monday, June 9, 2014

365 Project

Ok, you may have noticed that I have not been posting photos from my 365 project. The truth is it has taken me over 365 days to get half way through. So, I have quit! I is not good to start something and not finish it, but I will continue to post photos. They just won't be part of the 365 project. I do, however, recommend the 365 project to anyone who loves to take photos. It taught me so much about what kind of a photographer I really want to be. It also taught me the areas I need to work on. So, please don't think negatively about doing one. I don't regret it. Maybe next time I will make is shorter, like for 30 days instead. Have a great day!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sweet Little Girl!!!!

I had so much fun photographing this sweet little girl. She made my job so easy! I will be taking photos for her entire family in the near future. I can't wait!!!

Focus....Metering in Photography

Today, I want to give a little tip on focus and metering in photography. Now, I am not a teacher by any means, but I had fun taking these photos so I thought I would talk about them. If you have a DSLR and are still on Auto, please try going Manual or Aperture Priority(AP). If you go into your camera menu you will find an option called Metering. When you choose that you will get 3 other options. I choose "spot" for most of my picture taking. It allows you to choose what you want in focus. Which brings me to these photos....

 Do not use your screen for this, use the eyepiece. You will see several small dots. Now, push the shutter button down halfway. If you watch carefully, you will notice that one of the dots will flash. That is where your focus will be. To change the spot of focus simple press the the arrows on the back of your camera. I have a Nikon and the arrows for me are around the OK button.
Back to the photos. I used only 3 of the spots in these photos...the bottom. In the above photo I used the top. Notice how the focus is on the background of the photo and the rest of the log is out of focus.

In this photo, I used the center dot. Notice, that the background and the foreground are out of focus while the center is in focus.

Finally, I used the bottom dot and again notice how just the foreground is in focus. If you look at all 3 of these photos, they each say something different. They paint a different picture in each photo. So, play around with the metering on your camera and see what you can come up with in your photos.

Assingment: Circles!!!!

My assignment was circles. I had a hard time finding things to photograph. Sometimes nothing looks good through my lens, but you have to just keep working. Some days are going to be that way. That is why it is never good to put the camera down for too long.

June Specials!!!!

For the month of June, we will be offering a choice of a 20% discount on your session or a free 8x10 of the photo of your choice. Which one would better fit your needs? You have the control!!!


This is new!!! Here is how it works.....The first person to fill up the appointment of the month will get an extra gift. But that gift is a surprise, so you have to be the first to fill the spot. You will receive your gift at the end of your paid session! The appointment of the month is June 27th at 11 am. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just For Fun!!!!

This is the highway that goes by our house. It is very dangerous and many accidents have occurred on it. At this moment there was not a car in sight so I wandered out to get this shot.

Summer is Here!!!

Summer is here!!! School is out! It is time for BBQ's, weddings, family trips, and lots of fun!!! It is also a great time to get those photos done for your family, children, babies, weddings, maternity, and Seniors. Call us today to get in on the great deals and take advantage of the beautiful Summer scenery for your backdrop!  
Don't forget! Each session includes 1 hour of photo taking on location in quad cities area. Pick your favorite spot!