Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What to Wear and How to Pack

Summer is just around the corner and for many families, that means vacations. What do you pack
when you go on vacation? Comfy clothes? Your favorite stylish clothes?
Whatever you pack, here are a few tips on what and how to pack.

First of all, how to pack:

  1. Make a packing list. I can't live without my packing list. I would be totally lost without it. It has grown longer and longer with almost every trip. Yep I bring lots of stuff to help make my vacation as comfy as possible.
  2. Once you know what you want to pack, begin the process by rolling your clothes, not folding. I am sure you may have heard this before. Why? Rolling  helps prevent some wrinkles and creases. Also, rolling uses space wisely. You can fit more when you roll. 
  3. Plan your outfits ahead of time, so you will pack only what you really need to. I always pack 1 or 2 extra outfits so I have more to choose from. 
  4. To save even more space, pack your socks inside your shoes. You can even pack your jewelry or other breakables inside your socks and then inside your shoes. This will protect them.
  5. Always pack a first aid kit. It always comes in handy.
  6. Put items that could potentially leak into a ziploc bag to prevent unwanted surprises when you get to your destination.
Now, what to pack:
  1. Pack for weather. You may be going somewhere warm, but what if it rains. Pack layers and at least 1 pair of pants just in case. A light jacket or sweater is smart too.
  2. Pack shoes that can be worn with several outfits. Also, pack shoes for walking if you plan to go hiking or shopping.
  3. Jewelry, hat, and belt if you need one.
  4. Pack a swim suit if you plan to lay out in the sun or go swimming.
  5. Do Not forget chargers for your electronics.
  6. If you wear contacts, bring an extra pair if you can and don't forget your glasses.
  7. I always pack a couple hair ties and lip balm.
  8. Pack your camera so you can capture your trip and look back on it for years.
  9. Last but not least, bring snacks and fun activities to make the ride more entertaining. 
I hope this helped you prepare for your Summer vacation. Have a great time and be safe!!!

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Remembrance Photography by Terri

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